LCMG Officers, Advisors and 2018 Committees

  • Executive Board = LCMG officers:
  •           President – Mike H. (2018-2019)
  •           Vice President – Pat H. (2017-2018)
  •           Secretary – Chris W. (2018-2019)
  •           Treasurer – Roberta B. (2017-2018)
  • Advisor and UW CES MG Coordinator – Catherine W.
  • Advisor and Past President –  Tava C.

2018 Committees:

The Adult Education Committee (chairperson is ………………..)  organizes the High Plains Gardening lecture series (usually held monthly during the first three or four months of the year) by finding speakers for the series and setting the lecture dates.  There are typically three or four lectures held each year.

The Ask-a-Master Gardener Table Committee (chairwoman is Devon H.) provides an LCMG presence at various events such as local farmers’ markets and conferences.  The committee solicits members to staff the table for the various events.  The table staff answers questions about gardening and/or the Laramie County Master Gardeners program.

The Bare-Root Tree & Shrub Committee (chairwoman is Martha M.) selects varieties of bare-root trees and shrubs that will be offered for sale, collects the orders, and prepares the trees/shrubs when they arrive from the nursery (usually April) for delivery.

The Bulb Sale Committee (chairperson is Kathy S.) selects bulbs that will be offered for sale, collects orders and prepares the orders for delivery.  This sale is usually held in late August or September with bulb delivery in October.

The Delegates to the Wyoming Master Gardeners Association attend meetings of the state organization, sometimes by traveling to the meetings, other times by teleconference.  Meetings are typically held three time a year.  Two delegates and two alternates are elected at the Annual Meeting.  (The Delegates for 2018 are Lila H and Maggie M.  Alternates are Devon H. and Debbie W.)

The Directory & Database Committee typically consists of one person (Susan Ch.) who is responsible for maintaining the contact information for the LCMG members and preparing a directory of the members with their contact information.  This committee also keeps current the information used to disseminate emails to LCMG members. Directories are made available for LCMG members and are not to be used for any other purpose.

The Financial Review Committee (chairperson is ………………..) looks over the previous year’s financial and program information to ensure that policies and procedures and bylaws are being followed in the conducting of business by the LCMGs.

The Garden Walk Committee (chairperson is ………………..) locates Laramie County residents and businesses who would be willing to offer their gardens for the garden tour, schedules the tour, organizes LCMG hosts and hostesses for each garden and prepares the information brochure for the Garden Walk.

The Mini-Garden Tours Committee (co- chairwomen are Barb G. and Bonnie H.) finds Master Gardeners who are willing to host informal “open house” events for other Master Gardeners to tour their gardens.

The Plant Sale Committee (co-chairs are Susie and John H.) plans and executes the LCMG annual Plant Sale, typically held in mid-May.

The Policies & Procedures / Bylaws Committee (chairwoman is Becky M.) drafts proposed changes to those documents, and presents the proposed changes to the membership for its vote, typically on even numbered years.

The Program Committee (chairperson is ………………..) finds speakers to present at the membership meetings in Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, June, Sept and Nov and ensures that speakers’ needs for audio-visual equipment are met for the presentations.

The Public Relations Committee (chairperson is ………………..) advertises LCMG events.  Members of this committee will contact local media sources such as television and radio stations and the local newspapers.

The Rose Sale Committee (chairperson is Wendy D.) selects varieties, collects orders for roses, and prepares the plants for delivery.

The Seed Library Committee (co-chairwomen are Michelle B. and Maggie M.) collaborates with the Laramie County Library in maintaining the Laramie County Seed Library which offers gardening classes for beginning gardeners several times a year and makes seeds available at no cost to the public.

The Social Media Committee (co- chairwomen are Devon H. and Susan J.) maintains LCMG’s Facebook page, posting items of interest regarding gardening and news of upcoming LCMG event.

The Soil Sale Committee (chairwoman is Pam G.) procures and sells high quality potting soil.

The Website Committee (chairperson is …………..) maintains, the LCMG’s website.  This involves keeping the information posted on the website current.

The Youth Education Committee (chairperson is Maggie M.) works with organizations in the county to bring gardening experiences to children and young adults.  Members of this committee have the option of working directly with children or helping maintain gardens for children such as the garden at the Boys & Girls Club of Cheyenne.