Policies and Procedures


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A. The President shall:

i. Receive, open, review and initial all bank statements prior to presenting them to the Treasurer.

ii. Write reports to be delivered to the Wyoming Master Gardener Association (WMGA) by the WMGA Delegates.

B. The Vice President shall:

i. Ensure that an updated directory is published at intervals determined by the Executive Board.

C. The Secretary shall:

i. Write and keep all records (e.g., minutes) of the LCMG and Executive Board meetings. Minutes shall include but not be limited to dates and times called to order and adjourned, locations, attendance lists, who officiated, any actions resulting in votes by membership, and any discussions regarding Bylaws. Minutes following the election of any new officer shall be prepared within 5 days.

ii. Be custodian of the following documents:

a. Minutes and attendance lists of Executive Board and membership meetings;

b. Policies and Procedures;

c. Annual reports to the Secretary of State;

d. Nursery Stock Dealers license and applications for same;

e. Records of filings to the IRS for amendments to the Bylaws;

f. Membership directories (current and historical);

g. Liability insurance policy;

h. Letter dated March 15, 2006 from the IRS granting 501c(3) status;

i. Letter from Wyoming Department of Revenue dated October 26, 2015; and

j. Other documents as directed by the Executive Board.

iii. Shall not be responsible for the records of committees and projects.

iv. Keep up-to-date copies of the Bylaws. Maintain records of the transmittal to the membership of proposed amendments of the Bylaws prior to members voting on proposals. This shall include copies of the amendments as proposed, a list of recipients and the date(s) the proposals were provided to the members.

v. Provide copies of Executive Board meeting minutes by email to members of the Executive Board, the Laramie County Extension Office and to any member requesting a copy. Copies of minutes of the previous membership meetings shall be provided by email to members prior to each meeting being held.

vi. File annual reports with the Wyoming Secretary of State.

vii. Annually renew the Nursery Stock Dealers license with the Wyoming Department of Agriculture.

viii. Ensure that amendments to Bylaws are filed with the Internal Revenue Service as required.

D. The Treasurer shall:

i. Prepare the Treasurer’s reports for presentation to Executive Board and membership;

ii. Document the reconciliation of each bank statement;

iii. Maintain a record of financial income and expenses;

iv. Pay budgeted/approved expenses when presented with appropriate documentation supported by invoices or receipts;

v. Document and receipt all incoming funds or donations including cash and in-kind donations;

vi. Specify the method for managing revenues for all events and projects (e.g. locking cash bags);

vii. Not be signatory on a check that reimburses herself or himself;

viii. Issue IRS Form 1099, as required by law, to each payee receiving $600 or more;

ix. Renew the liability insurance policy; and

x. Develop and maintain appropriate forms for financial transactions subject to review by the Executive Board. These forms may include, but are not limited to:

a. Expenditure Form;

b. Reimbursement Form;

c. Deposit Form;

d. Cash Box Transfer Form;

e. General Purpose Form;

f. Compensated Speaker Form.


A. Each committee:

i. Should consist of no fewer than three (3) members, if possible;

ii. Shall read and understand Section 12 FUNDRAISING of this document;

iii. Shall submit a brief written, email or verbal status report at each Executive Board meeting while the committee is active or as requested by the President, stating:

a. Committee’s budget and its status;

b. Problems and concerns;

c. Progress made since last report; and

d. Recommendations;

iv. Shall submit all relevant materials to their successors within sixty (60) days of appointment; and

v. If a chairman (or co-chairmen) cannot be found, the committee will not exist and the event will not occur.

B. Plant Sale

i. The Plant Sale Committee will organize and oversee the annual Plant Sale.

C. Garden Walk

i. The Garden Walk Committee will organize and oversee the annual Garden Walk.

ii. Because the Wyoming Department of Revenue (DOR) considers LCMG’s Garden Walk to be entertainment and thus subject to Wyoming Sales and Use Tax, the Garden Walk should be free to the public, as declared by LCMG in a letter dated September 21, 2015 to DOR and per DOR’s response dated October 26, 2015, 2nd paragraph of page 3. Donations may be requested to defer the cost of printing pamphlets and advertising.

D. Public Relations

i. The Public Relations Committee will prepare publicity for newspapers and other media as requested by the Executive Board or any of the committees.

E. Programs

i. The Programs Committee will plan for educational programs to be presented at all membership meetings, and

ii. Will set up field trips and educational lectures as opportunities arise.

F. Financial Review

i. The Financial Review Committee will conduct examinations of the procedures and financial transactions of LCMG. Such examinations will be conducted in three situations: each January, as directed by the Executive Board, and upon the election of a new Treasurer. Upon completion of the examinations, written summaries of findings will be given to the Executive Board by the Financial Review Committee. Upon receipt of the findings, a written response will be prepared by the Executive Board which provides additional information and/or recommends remedial responses to be taken by LCMG. A report of the examination findings and responses will be presented to the membership by the first meeting convened in the second quarter of the calendar year. Copies of the examination findings and responses will be retained in the Secretary’s and Treasurer’s records for each calendar year.

ii. In conducting the financial examination, the Financial Review Committee shall, at a minimum:

a. Read the Bylaws, Policies and Procedures, and Budget of LCMG.

b. Read the minutes of each Executive Board and membership meeting noting any unusual items and following up on such items. Also note any item which may represent noncompliance with the Bylaws and these Policies and Procedures of the LCMG.

c. Review each of the Treasurer’s monthly financial reports. Compare the account balances per the Treasurers report to the reconciled monthly bank statements.

d. Review every bank statements for any unusual adjustments or amounts.

e. Randomly select 25 canceled checks and trace to supporting documentation, noting agreement of payee, amount and proper authorization and signatures on the invoices and checks. Trace amounts to proper posting on monthly financial statements.

f. Randomly select 25 invoices from financial records and trace back to the bank statement, noting agreement of payee, amount and proper authorization and signatures on the invoices and checks. Trace amounts to posting on monthly financial statements for proper recording.

g. Randomly select 10 deposits from bank statement and trace to supporting documentation, noting agreement of amount and if proper procedures were followed. Trace amounts to proper posting on monthly financial statements.

h. Randomly select 10 deposits from financial records and trace to bank statement noting agreement of amount and if proper procedures were followed. Trace amounts to proper posting on monthly financial statements.

i. Review previously filed documents, including Bylaws amendments if applicable, for the fiscal year under examination submitted to the Internal Revenue Service on behalf of LCMG. Compare information submitted to the IRS to the financial records of LCMG for accuracy.

j. Review most recent filing of the Annual Report with the Wyoming Secretary of State.

k. Review annual renewal of the Nursery Stock Dealers license with the Wyoming Department of Agriculture.

l. Ascertain that the liability insurance policy has been properly renewed.

m. Prepare a summary of the findings of the examination of the financial records.

G. Other Committees

i. Other committees may be formed as provided in the Bylaws or by vote of the Executive Board or the membership. These committees shall submit any request for funds for approval by the Executive Board. Should funds be needed on more than a one-time basis, these committees shall present a budget request in writing to the Executive Board as soon as feasible.


A. The membership directory shall include contact information for members, the names of LCMG officers and committee chairs, and any other information deemed pertinent to LCMG. This task may be conducted with the assistance of a committee.

B. The information in the LCMG directory shall only be used for LCMG purposes. The information is not for public distribution and shall not be sold or used for any commercial venture.


A. The delegates and alternates shall be reimbursed for actual expenses as verified by receipts. Carpooling is strongly encouraged.


A. All speakers shall complete and return the Compensated Speaker Form at least two weeks prior to the event if they are to receive any financial compensation for a presentation at an LCMG event. The Compensated Speaker Form becomes the contract between the speaker and LCMG.

B. Because they are educational events, the speaker series and other speaker events do not require collection and remittance of sales and use tax (see 2nd paragraph page 3 of DOR letter dated October 26, 2015).


A. Checks issued by LCMG and not cashed within 90 days may be subject to stop payment at the discretion of the Executive Board. Reimbursement after payment has been stopped will be the amount of the check(s) minus the stop payment fee(s).


A. The budget for all committees and projects shall be submitted to the Executive Board, by the outgoing chairpersons, annually by October 1st.

B. The Executive Board shall present a proposed budget at the November membership meeting.

C. A budget for any new project or event shall be presented to the Executive Board for approval prior to the event.

D. The Executive Board shall recommend to the membership any proposed donations.

E. When preparing the budget for the coming year, discussion by the Executive Board shall include whether or not to place funds in the flex certificate of deposit (CD).

F. All elected officials will have signature rights to the CD and the checking account.

G. The Executive Board has the authority to approve unbudgeted expenditures up to $500 should these arise between regularly scheduled meetings. At the next ensuing meeting of the membership, the Executive Board shall report to the membership any such expenditure.

H. If an unbudgeted, time-sensitive expenditure arises that will exceed $500, an email ballot of the membership will be conducted, and a simple majority of those voting will carry the vote, providing that a quorum of at least seven (7) members votes.

I. A minimum of $8,000 must be maintained in the LCMG accounts (checking account plus CD) at all times.

J. The budget may be amended by the approval of the membership.


A. The fiscal year shall be January 1 through December 31.

B. Within 10 days after the date that any new officer takes office, one of the continuing officers shall deliver to the bank of record a copy of the most recent LCMG meeting minutes indicating the election of new officers and listing the outgoing officers. New officer(s) name(s) shall be placed on the signor’s card and the outgoing officer names shall be removed. All signatures shall be in place within one month of the date that new officers take office.

C. When LCMG accounts are moved to a new bank, the Treasurer shall set up the new bank account and shall transfer all funds to the new bank. This will be done only after all checks have cleared the current bank account. The address on file with the bank for LCMG will be the post office box of LCMG. In the event that the post office box is closed, the address will be the Laramie County Extension Office. All officers’ names will be placed on the signors’ card.


A. The Treasurer and Secretary shall maintain at least two years of records. Records older than two years shall be archived at the Laramie County Extension Office.


A. These Policies and Procedures will be reviewed at least every two (2) years.

B. Revision will be on an as-needed basis with the approval of the Executive Board and the membership.


See separate form to be submitted to and approved by the Executive Board prior to the educational event for which a member may request reimbursement.


A. The Wyoming Department of Revenue (DOR) allows charitable organizations up to 4 fundraising events per calendar year (“the occasional sales limit”) without collecting sales and use tax. The DOR defines LCMG’s fundraisers as follows (see top of page 3 of DOR letter dated October 26, 2015):

i. Spring Fundraiser (soil, gloves, roses, etc.)

ii. Plant Sale

iii. Fall Fundraiser (bulbs, soil, etc.)

iv. A fourth fundraising event, if needed.

B. Fundraisers should make at least 15% over and above all costs.

C. All of LCMG’s sales are fundraisers and are open to the public. No one is excluded. If LCMG sells something to members only, then LCMG must collect and submit Wyoming sales tax.

D. LCMG has a Revenue Identification Number (RID) as written near the top of DOR’s letter dated October 26, 2015.


A. Call to order

B. President’s welcome

C. Introductions

D. Circulation of attendance sign in sheet

E. Review and approval of last meeting’s minutes

F. Treasurer’s Report

G. Committee Reports

H. Unfinished business

I. New business

J. Announcements

K. Adjournment

L. Program

M. Refreshments

Approved by the LCMG membership on February 20, 2014
Updates approved by the LCMG membership on November 17, 2016

For the PDF version, click: Policies and Procedures.