Cash Box Transfer Form Use the Cash Box Transfer Form to document and receive an amount of LCMG’s cash to be used to make change at an event.

Compensated Speaker Form

Deposit Form Use the Deposit Form to deliver checks and/or cash to the LCMG Treasurer or other officer for deposit into LCMG accounts.

Expenditure Form Use the Expenditure Form to request and document payment to a vendor or other non-LCMG entity.

Fillable IRS Form W-9This form provides the necessary information for us to answer the question: “Is an IRS Form 1099-MISC going to be required?”

General Purpose Form

Hours Reporting PDF or Online Hours Reporting Link

Master Gardener Application Brochure: PDF
Complete and return the application for acceptance into Master Gardener training.

Plant Label Templates:
Blank Label Template
Label Template for Ornamentals
Label Template for Veggies

Reimbursement Form Use the Reimbursement Form to request payment to a LCMG member who has purchased something on behalf of LCMG.

Scholarship Application Form PDF
Laramie County Master Gardeners may use the Scholarship Application Form to apply to LCMG for up to $100 reimbursement for attending a gardening related education event.